Thursday, 23 March 2017

Visit of Teachers from Sustainable Schools

A Group of teachers from North Shore Enviro-Schools visited NOG community garden on the 21 of March. They were introduced to different hands on activities including sheet mulching technique and the art of hands massage from CMC program using beeswax ointment.
Thinking holistically is caring for nature in a similar way as for caring for people, for school friends, for family members and for society. All elements of nature, plants, bees, butterflies , nettle tea, natural bees wax and hands massage are all interconnected.
Students will have the opportunity to also practice these activities during the school year.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

For the Love of Bees

This website has been created by passionate young educated people, whose aim is to make bees feel good and welcome in Auckland. The collaboration includes everybody - individuals, small and big businesses, writers, community and all of society.  They bring life energy with colours and flowers to support bees in Auckland.  Bees are the main pollinators  of fruits and vegetables on our tables, but for the last decade due to the use of chemicals and monocultures, their numbers have dramatically declined.
With this project we have the opportunity to learn how to make our city a safe place for bees.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Visit by a Scientist

“We are all one. The Interdependence of all living forms is unquestionable. At Ngataringa Organic Garden (NOG) we give meaning  to this sentence and  transform  it to joyful play for children. Understanding and respecting the wisdom of nature ; Hildegarde von Bingen  herbs, teaching respect of fellow friend when massaging their palms or foraging plants for lunch. That’s what   Environmental sustainability in practice means for us
. “ Ph.D. Eng. Piotr Grzybowski   admired  the way we ran our classes for students and as contribution to our programme he set up the bath for the purpose of worm farm for children. He as well agreed to become our volunteer Consultant

Monday, 23 January 2017

A Very Special Day

On January 14th. 2017 the Child Connection Trust held it's 20 year A.G.M meeting.   This year it was special to see children of some of the board members come along. The principles that are at the heart of our organisation are practiced on our new generation. We were lucky to have great weather, and the beautiful surroundings of Cornwall Park Auckland. 

Monday, 9 January 2017

CMC in Academic Publication

Izabela Bogdanowicz, Phd, lecturer at The Warsaw’s University, supports Child Connection Trust from its beginning with her professional advice.
Her last publication “Supporting the development of children’s communication as a social competence on the example of CMC/4D – educational programme authored by Eva Scherer “ is a part of the book “Transformations in cultural social and educational activity. Challenges towards contemporary Europe”. 
The book was published by Siedlce University of Natural Science and Humanities at the end of 2016

Social competence –, creating and supporting good communication within a family using touch has a universal meaning. As long as we respect babies and children’s natural longing for good touch for proper emotional physical and social development and practicing it at home, we can safely implement  them into childcare and education pursuits.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Update from Warsaw

A group of 5 year old students at Kindergarten number 45 after practicing for a year a Back Massage technique, have just started to practice Hands Massage . Do they enjoy it?  Let the pictures tell the story.

Some comments:
Massage is not difficult
It was very nice
Hands massage is nice and pleasurable
I massaged Ignacy’s hands. It was good. I think that I massaged well
Its very nice to massage hands
I like it

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

; Out of Poland

3 years ago my friend Jenny Harrison –(in picture with me) started to write a book based on letters that had been hidden in a leather suitcase for decades. I was involved with the translation of these letters. The book is titled "Out of Poland: When the best revenge is to have survived – A Holocaust Story" has been published . What does have it in common with my CMC programme?
Even though I was born in Poland after the war, the tragic history of the country was still very vivid and influenced my life.  The only logical solution for me to solve the problem was leaving the country and making something for a better life for generations to come. It sounds pathetic, but it was,  and still is like this. New place was New Zealand and extraordinary people helping with this journey was the management of Mt. Albert YMCA. Next step is to be ‘A Peace Project” with as well as English and Polish ,will have a few more language versions of the CMC songs .I believe it will not take a lot of time.